Little Museums (heartgut) wrote in being_friendly,
Little Museums

Encountering and responding to rudeness/priviledge/etc. RESPECTFULLY AND EFFECTIVELY

Ever find yourself out and about in the world, doing what you can to spread kindness and inclusiveness, one encounter at a time, then BAM! somebody smashes into you with their ego-trip/heterosexism/patriarchial sense of entitlement/cisgenderism/otherwise bigoted and/or just plain disrespectful and rude something-or-other?

And being "polite" is totally thrown out as a viable response because this somebody is not playing anything resembling that game?

It really leaves me dumbfounded, and rather than standing in place and stuttering with a silly look on my face, I'd really love to have something concise and effective to say to check these people on what they say-- ideally something that wouldn't be rude in return but rather change somebody's gears, get them thinking.

Any suggestions, or am I looking to make this simpler than it could be?
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